Nearly halfway through Q1 of the calendar year, and financial professionals are about to start gearing up for reporting to the board. For many financial professionals and business leaders, this represents a stressful, busy time. Many are left asking, “will the data be accurate and in-depth enough?” If you’re trying to consolidate and present using manual and spreadsheet-laden processes, the answer is likely no.

Challenges in Reporting to Board Members

Your company doesn’t pay its board members to be there every day. In fact, it’s this separation from the business that allows them to remove emotion from their decisions and focus on what’s best for the long-term future of the organization. However, when it’s time to report to the board, finance professionals are often left scrambling to bring the numbers together and present a reliable, honest, and accurate picture.

Unfortunately, many financial professionals are woefully underprepared for this reporting scramble. Thanks to spreadsheet-laden processes and error-prone manual consolidations, many board members aren’t receiving the entire picture.

Your Board of Directors needs more than just metrics, and they expect you to dig deeper, presenting a compelling, data-driven narrative of the decisions being made and the implications they hold.

If you feel like you’re scrambling every quarter to present the numbers and are barely scratching the surface due to manual processes, we’d like to invite you to watch an on-demand webinar on the importance of and best practices surrounding board presentations.

Watch Now: Adaptive Insights Presents Moving Beyond the Numbers: Creating Compelling Board Reports

As you look to help your board members make better and faster decisions, give them insights on how day-to-day activities inform year-to-year ones, and tell a resonating data-driven story at each board meeting, we invite you to watch this on-demand webinar from our friends at Adaptive Insights.
Featuring Jim Johnson, CFO and Kerman Lau, Vice President of Finance at Adaptive Insights, this on-demand webinar will share ideas on reducing the time spent consolidating data so that you can focus on the bigger picture. Join this webcast to hear techniques for delivering compelling narratives with board reports. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use intuitive dashboards and data visualization to build a story that clearly shows current performance, future trends, and possible scenarios
  • Generate reports in less time so you and your team can focus on building the strategic narrative your board expects
  • Eliminate inefficient and time-consuming manual processes so you can spend your time analyzing the numbers
  • Harness modern technology to build a bridge between existing spreadsheets and the cloud business analytics that underpin a persuasive story

Getting your board members as close to the truth as possible at their quarterly or semiannual meetings is a critical initiative, and if you’re ready to learn more, please watch the on-demand webinar, Moving Beyond the Numbers: Creating Compelling Board Reports.