Having the right ERP system is critically important to the future health of your company. While it may be true that ERP systems are more alike than different – all contain the same core functionality, more or less – those relatively minor differences are what makes the system appropriate, usable, and beneficial to your organization.

As you begin to research ERP solutions, knowing the next steps, expectations, and questions to ask can ensure that you can take confidence in knowing that you made a smart choice. To help you narrow down your options and to have a framework in place, we would like to share with you two important guides that can help you find out what ERP system best fits your needs and discover 10 tips for making a smarter selection of ERP software.

How to Find an ERP Solution That Fits Your Business Needs

While it may be true that ERP systems have similarities, the devil is really in the details. The differences are what make the system appropriate, usable, and beneficial to your organization.

Small differences can mark the difference between a successful ERP selection and one that holds your business back, and this guide, How to Find Out What ERP Best Fits Your Needs will help you weed out incorrect fits and choose the option best for your business based on the following five promises:

  • Functionality: does it fit the usability needs of your industry and business?
  • Product Maturity: does it have a track record of reliability?
  • Software Provider: are they a stable company that will be around for the long haul?
  • Community: is there a community consisting of implementation and consulting partners, satisfied users, as well as user groups, discussion threads, and conferences?
  • Truth in Advertising: are you being low-balled into accepting an inferior product?

Get more information on making a smarter ERP decision by downloading How to Find Out What ERP Best Fits Your Needs for free.

10 Tips for Smarter ERP Selection

Selecting an ERP system for your business can be challenging. Each supplier will proclaim the superiority of its products, making each platform seem like the perfect choice for you. Don’t be fooled! There’s a smarter way to evaluate ERP systems to help you make choice that best suits the needs of your business.

The Acumatica guide, 10 Tips for Smarter ERP Selection shares the ten most important things you need to consider when evaluating vendors, sharing with you how to:

  • Know the big issues
  • Make a list and check it twice
  • Focus
  • Zero In
  • Recognize that easy-to-use is not a cliche
  • Get the full price
  • Check references
  • Control the demo
  • Not be penny wise and pound foolish
  • Put your “A” team on the project

Get in-depth insight into each of these tips by downloading the 10 tips to smarter ERP selection guide today.

You Have Choices: Make the Smart ERP Decision

These two guides are here to assist as you work to make a choice during your ERP journey. As you narrow your decision to a handful of vendors before choosing your final one, the most important thing to remember is this: Avoid the hype. If you have any questions during your ERP journey, we welcome you to contact us with any questions that may arise, or learn more about Acumatica Cloud ERP.

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