More executives are making a big decision: stick with an on-premises applications or switch to the cloud?

In deciding whether to switch from an on-premise application to the cloud—a decision that is becoming more imperative every year—take note of this whitepaper from Nucleus Research, which provides new data on how the cloud is saving companies like yours a lot of money.

Save With The Cloud

According to the whitepaper, the financial benefits of moving to the cloud have never been more clear:

  • The cost to implement cloud applications is 63% lower
  • The cost in support personnel for cloud applications is 55% lower
  • And other benefits in function, reliability, and security deliver increasing value over time

Why is the cloud so amazing? It changes seamlessly right along with your business, without any burdensome need to roll out a bi-annual upgrade that requires debugging and retraining. As companies like yours realize the multiple benefits of cloud applications, they can feed their insanely high ROI back into their company to grow it in more and better ways.

Even More Benefits of Cloud Applications

Here’s a couple of other things the Whitepaper points out.
If something goes wrong, the vendor for the cloud application has to fix things. And they have to fix it all the way, not just “good enough to keep working”… unlike an on-premises IT department might need to do.

It’s also a good idea to find a vendor you can trust (like ASC Partners). It prevents the likelihood to “cut and run”—as Nucleus puts it—in the first six months. Save yourself the hassle of switching from a less than satisfactory vendor by doing some additional research on the front end and finding a partner who really understands the needs of your business.

A final number to help persuade you that 2.1 times really is the ROI for cloud implementationcloud applications use an average of 91% less energy than on-premises. That’s great for your budget and the environment.

The lower startup costs, the flexibility of the applications, the reduced need for support personnel, the maintenance responsibility of the vendor, and the environmental savings—these provide overwhelming proof that “it’s hard to argue against the cloud.”

For more details and analysis, click here to read the full whitepaper about how cloud solutions are very worth the ROI.

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